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ESHA was established to promote a sense of identity among heads of independent elementary and middle schools, to encourage and support newly-appointed heads of such schools, and to provide opportunities for exchange of experiences, problems, and successes. In our next 50 years, we are committed to being the responsive and relevant resource for all of your educational leadership needs.


By building a community of leaders for leaders, we are creating a support structure that encourages and reinforces leadership practices in the PK-9 space that are purposeful, comprehensive, authentic, innovative, and joyful.


By convening an authentic network of peers, we are providing value-driven opportunities for connection and collaboration.


By providing opportunities for the sharing of experiences, challenges, and successes while spreading innovative learning and promoting best practices


By granting ourselves permission to take time away from school for rest and rejuvenation, we are changing the narrative on a healthy work/life balance for our teams and our industry.

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    Power in Numbers


    Independent Elementary and Middle School Heads and Growing

    Liz Hofreuter

    Liz Hofreuter

    Wheeling Country Day School
    Neil Mufson

    Neil Mufson

    The Primary Day School, MD
    Brendan Largay

    Brendan Largay

    Belmont Day School, MA
    Ronnie Codrington-Cazeau

    Ronnie Codrington-Cazeau

    Laura Konigsberg

    Laura Konigsberg

    Turning Point School, CA
    Chuck Baldecchi

    Chuck Baldecchi

    Our History

    ​The Elementary School Heads Association (ESHA) was founded in March of 1973 by ten heads who met in Washington, D.C. during the annual conference of the National Association of Independent Schools. These founders agreed that there was a need for an association of school heads whose professional concerns were devoted to the education of younger students. The first annual meeting of ESHA was convened at the Henry Chauncey Conference Center in Princeton in October of 1973, where bylaws were formally adopted.​

    ESHA Presidents

    1973 Peter Clifton
    1973-74 Lewis Kimball, Jr.
    1974-75 Russell Anderson
    1975-76 David L. Pratt
    1976-77 Samuel Parkman
    1977-78 Thomas Shaw
    1978-79 David D. Hume
    1979-80 Ronald L. Fay
    1980-81 John F. Marder, Jr.
    1981-82 Norman C. Wakely
    1982-83 Walter W. Birge III
    1983-84 A. Brooks Harlow
    1984-85 James F. Adams
    1985-86 G. David Hardman
    1986-87 Kingsley Ervin

    1987-88 Douglas R. Lewis
    1988-89 M. Joanne Moore
    1989-90 Nicholas Thacher
    1990-91 Brian R. Walsh
    1991-92 David Frothingham
    1992-93 Betty J. Brown
    1993-94 James L. Marks III
    1994-95 James K. Bonney
    1995-96 Randy Plummer
    1996-97 Sidney I. DuPont
    1997-98 E. John White III
    1998-99 Sandra P. Adams
    1999-00 Robin Douglass
    2000-01 Jane Shipp
    2001-02 Merrill Hall

    2002-03 Steve Hinds
    2003-04 Betty Legenhausen
    2004-05 David Trower
    2005-06 Joan Lutton
    2006-07 Raymond Nance
    2007-08 Murray Lopdell- Lawrence
    2008-09 Lenesa Leana
    2009-11 Greg O’Melia
    2011-13 Lee Burns
    2013-15 Chuck Baldecchi
    2015-17 Muddy Waters
    2017-19 Elinor Scully
    2019-20 Veronica Codrington-Cazeau
    2020-22 Joseph Powers
    2022-23 Elizabeth Hofrueter

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