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Carney Sandoe & Associates

Since our inception in 1977, we have worked successfully with over 1,800 independent, private, boarding, and charter schools in 48 states and 32 countries to provide exceptional faculty recruitment, head of school search, and strategic consulting services. If you are a teacher looking for a job or a school looking for outstanding faculty and staff, CS&A can help.



Clarity is an innovative financial aid platform designed to eliminate barriers for families and streamline the award process for schools. It is the smart solution that independent private schools have been yearning for to simplify the financial aid application process.


DMV School Partners

LeadTeam Partners facilitates the school partner search process for school administrators. We work with private schools nationally to help find the right consultant, coach, facilitator, speaker, or vendor for your needs.


Edge Fearless Learning

Edge is a virtual and campus-based tutoring center that specializes in helping students (age 4-24) with language-based learning differences. The needs of a student are addressed through multi-sensory, systematic, cumulative, and intensive instruction based on Orton-Gillingham methodology.


Indy School Consultancy

Education continues to evolve but public and private schools are not always able to adapt to the individual needs of the student or their families. Indy Education Consultant is run by a licensed educator with years of experience in the public and private education sectors providing quality, individualized services to students and families in Central Indiana.


Joffe Emergency Services

Joffe Emergency Services purpose and sole focus is making schools, institutions, and public gatherings safe and secure for the people who attend them. We provide security, safety, and medical support services to empower schools, event venues and organizers, and organizations to confidently prevent and manage emergencies and save lives.


Marts & Lundy

Marts&Lundy’s mission is to advance nonprofits committed to the betterment of humankind. When we say humankind, we mean all humans. To do that well, we need people and practices that reflect the change we want to see in the world and the big ideas our clients strive for.



RG175 consultants are committed to cultivating and supporting independent and international school leadership. We mentor heads of school and work with boards of trustees on proper governance as well as planning.


SOS Threesixty

SOS ThreeSixty are safety experts providing comprehensive training and policy support to organizations that focus on children’s growth and education.

The SOS ThreeSixty team has devoted their lives and careers to protecting children via effective policy and training.



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    Independent Elementary and Middle School Heads and Growing

    Liz Hofreuter

    Liz Hofreuter

    Wheeling Country Day School
    Neil Mufson

    Neil Mufson

    The Primary Day School, MD
    Brendan Largay

    Brendan Largay

    Belmont Day School, MA
    Ronnie Codrington-Cazeau

    Ronnie Codrington-Cazeau

    Laura Konigsberg

    Laura Konigsberg

    Turning Point School, CA
    Chuck Baldecchi

    Chuck Baldecchi