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ESHA is the only national organization of pre-K-8 leaders, created by Heads for Heads

Independent Education Leaders from Across the United States


Members and Leaders

Liz Hofreuter

Liz Hofreuter

Wheeling Country Day School, WV
Neil Mufson

Neil Mufson

The Primary Day School, MD
Brendan Largay

Brendan Largay

Belmont Day School, MA
Ronnie Codrington-Cazeau

Ronnie Codrington-Cazeau

Past President
Arvind Grover

Arvind Grover

The Meadowbrook School of Weston, MA
Chuck Baldecchi

Chuck Baldecchi

Past President

The Gift of K-8

It’s an opportunity and a privilege to spend your days surrounded by amazing little humans who view the world with wonder and joy. That’s the gift of pre-K-8 education–everything is magical, and anything is possible.


But that gift comes with a hefty responsibility, and that’s where we come in. At ESHA, we don’t just provide support; we help you get the job done.


By combining our collective pre-K-8 experiences, we work together to tackle challenges, find solutions, and share resources.


Need a template for a 5-year financial model? We’ve got that. Need ideas for how to raise funds? We’ve got you covered. Need a mentor? We have that, too. Within ESHA you will find…


Someone to talk to.
Someone to walk with.
Someone to learn from.
Someone to teach. 


We are creating an authentic network of elementary and middle school leaders who will challenge and change the educational landscape and impact their communities through connection, collaboration, and courageous leadership.

Learn more about our Vision, Mission, and the Core Values that's made ESHA a success over the last 50 years.

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Exchange Experiences, Solve Problems, and Succeed Together

ESHA was established to promote a sense of identity among heads of independent elementary and middle schools, to encourage and support newly-appointed heads of such schools, and to provide opportunities for exchange of experiences, problems, and successes. In our next 50 years, we are committed to being the responsive and relevant resource for all of your educational leadership needs.

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Our Mission & Values

  • Mission

    Promote collegiality, support the exchange of ideas, and champion independent elementary and middle school headship.

  • Collegiality

    By convening an authentic network of peers, we are providing value-driven opportunities for connection and collaboration.

  • Exchange

    By providing opportunities for the sharing of experiences, challenges, and successes while spreading innovative learning and promoting best practices

  • Restoration

    By granting ourselves permission to take time away from school for rest and rejuvenation, we are changing the narrative on a healthy work/life balance for our teams and our industry.

  • Leadership

    By building a community of leaders for leaders, we are creating a support structure that encourages and reinforces leadership practices in the PK-9 space that are purposeful, comprehensive, authentic, innovative, and joyful.

Learn How ESHA Will Double Our Impact by 2025

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Helping Heads Thrive

For Heads of Middle and Elementary Schools, ESHA is the Essential Support for you.

As a leader of children during their most formidable years, you bear the weight and responsibility of creating an engaging educational environment that sparks curiosity and ignites lifelong learners.

You shouldn’t have to do it on your own.

ESHA exists to support leaders like you. We understand the many hats you wear, from program development to daily operations, because we wear them too. And we have the solutions and support YOU need to survive and thrive in today’s educational climate.

We get it because we’re in it with you.

As a member of ESHA, you’re part of the only national organization of independent K-8 leaders–created by heads, for heads. You gain access to a support network of like-minded peers to turn to for ideas, solutions, support, and resources.

When you’re with ESHA, you’re not alone.

Join forces with independent education leaders across the United States and go from isolated and overwhelmed to supported and successful!

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News, Articles, & Events

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